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Fair Oaks, California
Reviewed 1 week ago
There are a number of spice farms/gardens along the highway. They all show a multitude of spices in natural plant form and treat you to a wide variety of amazing concoctions prepared from plants on site. A fascinating educational experience if you like spices but don't often see them growing wild. No fee to enter but they like to sell you something on the way out. Very low pressure sales pitch.

Reviewed 4 days ago
Perfect for those looking to learn about the different fruits and spices of Sri Lanka, how they are made and where they come from! Asanka was highly educated and willing to answer all questions. Additionally he was not pushy at all when it came to showing me the product room! I was even offered a delicious herbal tea at the end! Highly recommend

Andrea D
Reviewed yesterday
This was my first spice garden experience and was everything I hoped it would be. Very peaceful little spot with a beautiful garden packed with more spices and fruit than you can imagine. The guide was great, full of awesome information and loves answering questions (of which I had many!) They were so accommodating with me and made me feel very welcome!

Quaint little store to buy all your natural medicine needs-after the information he gave about all the uses for these herbs and spices I wanted to buy everything!!

Email them before you go and they will even organise a free shuttle from Kandy center for you! Amazing

I had my best experience in Sri Lanka so far at this magic place, please visit and get their name out there.

Ishoej, Denmark
Reviewed 1 week ago
Great tour
We had a great experience in the small garden. A guide with great humor, explained about the spices. Thank you Asanka for a great and informative tour.

Chong A
Reviewed September 8, 2017
Truly educational
Having visited several spice gardens, I think this is by far a very comprehensive tour. The presenter is knowledgable and articulate well. Pepper in Sri Lanka is hotter than Chilli. I tried it and not only it is hot but very fragrant. The curry leaves are very fragrant too and I learnt that it is dorminant ingredient in their curry powders. After a comprehensive tour, a lesson was conducted in a shed. We learned of their products and its usages. They even provide a massage for those with joint pains. Truly friendly with no pressure to purchase. We bought some USD 150 worth of spices and ointments and we are very pleased. The weights indicated on the packaging is accurate unlike another we been to.

Jonathan H
Reviewed August 30, 2017
A gem of a place tucked away like someone's back garden
As Sri Lanka is renowned for its cinnamon we wanted to see it growing and also buy some cinnamon oil. Our guide took us to Ranweli, which appeared like a an allotment in the centre of a residential area. However we were handed on to a guide who was very good, he was eloquent and amusing and showed us all of the spices growing on their plot (cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, mace, cardamom, vanilla etc). A small 'shack' was the shop which we managed to purchase far more than we set out to, whilst he prepared a herbal tea

Richard G
Reviewed August 10, 2017
For my money, this is the best thing we did in Kandy. Above the Temple of the Tooth, the Lake and the Botanical Gardens. We found the garden quite easily from the botanical gardens: over the suspension bridge and down the road opposite for 500 yards before you spot the sign for the right turn. We snuck into the gardens past the guide but he found us after we had wandered around for a while. From what appears to be a fairly unremarkable garden, we were given the most amazing tour through the history and the flavours of Sri Lanka. A cute little shop allowed us to head away with some goodies and rightly reward our guide for his excellent tour. It's a pay what you want tour when they could be easily charging 1500 rupees per head.

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Isle of Man, United Kingdom
Reviewed July 30, 2017
We found it so interesting to see and understand how all the spices grow. The owner is extremely interesting. It's only a short walk from the botanical garden and easy to get by bus from Kandy. We were offered a sample of the tea and it was delicious so had to purchase.